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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Your comments and feedback have been very encouraging. I have added some new stuff like words with matras, more poems, stories, quizzes and a new category for Great Indians.
Many of you have suggested to put sound files for all poems and words etc. I have been able to add limited pages due to lack of time, since this site is a part time hobby.

In order to create content faster, I would like to invite all of you to send me stuff that you may want to add to the site. You can send poems, stories or mp3 files of poems or any other stuff to be published on akhlesh.com. You can send your contributions to akhlesh.agarwal@gmail.com. I would try to publisdh some material from your contributions.

Please keep your suggestions and feedback coming.


Akhlesh Agarwal



  • At 19 December, 2008 05:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was such a pleasure to chance upon your website today.
    It is a tremendous source for NRI kids to learn HIndi.
    I am a public librarian, and your site is going to help me a lot in formulating my children programs in Hindi-English format.


  • At 30 December, 2008 02:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste Akhleshji,

    Just had to let you know that your website is sincerely appreciated and I will be recommending it to all my Hindi students in London.

    I myself am in the process of developing teaching resources appropriate for the needs of children brought up with Hindi as a second langauage and so am aware of the challenge of maintaining accuracy and consistency.

    Your website ticks all the right boxes!

    I look forward to its continued growth and wish you all success in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further feedback and assistance.

    Devina Rishi

  • At 08 January, 2009 03:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Akhlesh, You are doing really a good job. the content you have prepared it was really helpful. I would request you whether you could give few lessons on Hindi grammer (for school kids) for non native speakers of Hindi.


  • At 02 February, 2009 22:58, Blogger Unknown said…

    I am looking for a hindi poem on humming birds for my 4yr daughter. She has to say it in some competition. Can you help me find such a poem at the earliest please?


  • At 21 February, 2009 21:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hello Akhlesh,
    your website is quite good and we need more of such site to help kids learn & appreciate hindi language. i was looking for some nursery rhyme to learn hindi alphabets. do you think you can have something of this sort on your website. this will go a lot way in helping kids

  • At 26 February, 2009 11:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The website is very nice and the effort and time you put in to make/upgrade the website is greatly appreciated. I'm one of the NRI parents trying to teach Hindi to my daughter and the website is helping a lot.
    A small suggestion.
    I think it will be more helpful to the kids if there are some Printable charts of alphabets etc.

  • At 26 March, 2009 12:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your website is very helpful for parents outside India who want to prepare their kids for getting started with Hindi.
    Could you please guide me to the cbse syllabus for Hindi in grade 2 and 3. Also if you are aware of any link from where one could download the hindi book for grade and 3 or if a scanned copy is available somewhere it would be a great help.
    Thank You Very Much!
    A parent from US

  • At 09 April, 2009 23:55, Anonymous Dr.Bhavana said…

    It was a great pleasure to visit your wonderful site.I will be recommending to my friends. Very good attempt. Keep it up.Its source of information for kids and of great help for parents. Thanks.

  • At 09 April, 2009 23:55, Anonymous Dr.Bhavana said…

    It was a great pleasure to visit your wonderful site.I will be recommending to my friends. Very good attempt. Keep it up.Its source of information for kids and of great help for parents. Thanks.

  • At 15 April, 2009 19:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Akhleshji,
    i am learning Hindi through your website.it is very useful to me .
    i am working as engineer in Singapore.we need Hindi language to develop and enhance our business operation in different part of India.i don't have a chance to learn Hindi(in India).

    Really you did a good job. i am thankful to you.

  • At 18 April, 2009 23:12, Anonymous Rachna Jain said…

    I am so glad I chanced upon your site. It is exactly what i was looking for to teach Hindi to my 2 boys. A heartfelt thank you for your efforts.

  • At 23 April, 2009 17:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste Akhleshji,

    I'm so glad I found this site of yours.I must congratulate you on doing such a commendable job by putting this up.

    The site hits all basic of early hindi learning.The only request is if you could categorise animals in 'junglee'and 'paaltu'jaanwar,and introduce a category of 'keede-makode' section.

    Thanks A lot.
    Jha family in Australia

  • At 11 May, 2009 13:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Akhlesh,

    Thank you for great website. I this is very helpful to me to teach my sons hindi.

    If you can update the Hindi alphabet chart with English pronunciation then it will be great help. Currently you have it in two separate documents.

    Once again thank you for your effort.

    a father in USA

  • At 18 May, 2009 04:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site. I remember my kindergarten days.

    It shall help a lot if the reading chapters are accompanied by an mp3 of the reading, so that non-Hindi speakers (and their kids) have more confidence and fun in learning the pronunciation.

    Thanks again!

  • At 18 May, 2009 12:57, Blogger Rajiv Nema said…

    अरे वाह! यह तो बहुत ही बढिया वेब-साईट है! बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपका जो आप इतने परिश्रम से इस साईट को maintain किये हुए हैं| My suggestion is to include the link to this site by Google to help people write in Hindi - very easily & effortlessly http://www.google.com/transliterate/indic/Hindi


    Rajiv Nema, a father, California, USA

  • At 09 July, 2009 01:53, Blogger Anjoo Chandiramani said…

    A great attempt to teach the National language. Will be recommending this site to others. Will also try to contribute in some way.

  • At 14 July, 2009 02:05, Anonymous Tejaswy said…

    Thanks dear for such a great and a helpful site.

    I am teaching a English girl hindi and your site is really of great help.

    Could you put up a page where you give the meanings of small hindi words so that it is easy for them to understand and relate.

    Like Pani means water
    Suraj means sun

    stuff like that.

    None the less your site is really great and i appreciate your help a lot.


  • At 12 October, 2009 20:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was googling to find some Hindi resources on the web to introduce my child to Hindi. Fortunately,found your site. Your site has an excellent collection of materials, is well organized and provides a great contribution to the community.
    Dhanyavaad. Jai Hind!

  • At 18 October, 2009 11:45, Blogger :) said…

    haa. Akhilesh ji... Namasthe! thank you so much for such a wonderful n informative website. u've made many of my things easy. i teach children with mental retardation and learning disabilities. feeling so lucky to c ya site. thanks a lot.

  • At 06 November, 2009 20:14, Anonymous seema said…

    commendable job in taking the time and effort to start this website. For parents who are looking for worksheets, you can download for free Hindi textbooks by grade level from NCERT textbooks and hindigym.
    Way to go, Akhlesh, we appreciate your effort

  • At 24 December, 2009 12:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Akhlesh,

    Thanks for this useful site !
    Can you please add numbers in hindi from 1-100 in your site.
    That will complete the beginner's content for Hindi.

    Thanks !

  • At 28 December, 2009 01:37, Anonymous RajeeGanesh said…

    Really thankful for the wonderful effort you had taken. Especially i appreciate the cumulative document you had given under each section. Very useful site for kids to learn hindi.

  • At 29 December, 2009 14:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Thanks for taking the time and energy in putting this website. It is a great resource for us NRI trying to teach our kids Hindi.

    --- B. Chatterjee
    Dec' 2009

  • At 29 December, 2009 17:57, Anonymous Kirti Sinha said…

    Namaste Akleshji
    You are really doing great it is a great source of help for our kids. And able to Have more stories and more books from NCERT level is great. If possible to include english and maths also for primary kids from NCERT would be great.
    Keep it up.
    Kirti Sinha

  • At 12 January, 2010 13:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Akhleshji,
    Thank You very much your wonderful website, it has been a very useful tool for me. I am using it a lot for my son and he likes the pages from the site, the poems, stories and simple presentation very much.

    I have a suggestion, Can you include the poem Ek Boond by Ayodhyasingh Upadhyay in Hindi if possible. Here is the poem in english:
    Jyon nikal kar baadalon kee god se
    thi abhi ek boond kuchh aage badhi,
    sochane fir-fir yahi ji men lagi,
    aah! kyon ghar chhodkar main yon kadhi ?
    Dev mere bhagya men kya hai bada,
    main bachoongi ya miloongi dhool men ?
    ya jaloongi fir angare par kisi,
    choo padoongi ya kamal ke phool men ?
    Bah gayi us kal ek aisi hava,
    vah samundar ore aaee anamani,
    ek sundar seep ka munh tha khula,
    vah usi men ja padi moti bani .

    Log yon hi hain jhijhakte, sochate,
    jabaki unko chhodna padata hai ghar,
    kintu ghar ka chhodna aksar unhen,
    boond laun kuchh aur hi deta hai kar .

  • At 13 January, 2010 07:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your effort is greatly appreciated. If possible please add the :
    aao bacchon tumhe dikhaiyen jhanki hindustan ki
    & also poems like:
    khoob ladi mardani woh tu jhansi wali rani thi,
    woh khoon kaho kis matlab ka jisme jeevan na ravani hai...,
    hawan hoon hawa mein basanti hawa hoon suno baat meri...

  • At 21 January, 2010 01:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This site is great! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into helping those trying to improve their Hindi skills. Keep up the great work!

  • At 24 January, 2010 15:02, Blogger Sonal said…


    A friend refered me your website to teach my daughter hindi. I just wanted to say you how greateful I am for you to create something like this. I have a guidance now to teach my daughter Hindi. Your website is phenomeal. I really appreciate all your work. If I come across any good hindi poem or stories which I read when I was young will surely share with you . So you can add them.

    Thanks again for your initiative

  • At 07 February, 2010 15:26, Blogger Poornachandra said…

    thanks a lot akhlesh sirji :)
    today my neibhor want her child to be tought hindi... because next yr they are going to india... your site is of great help thanks a lot...! keep up great help by imparting knowledge to people and parents like us :)

  • At 10 February, 2010 02:27, Blogger Shipra said…

    oh god, i cannot imagine that i found your website...this is too good.
    My daughter is just 1.5 years old here in UK and i was fearing she would not pick up hindi words at nursery..but with the help of your amazing charts and beautiful pictorial poems etc..i should be teach her some hindi and not feel that she has missed out as she is here...
    I would appreciate if you had some Indian religious stories and our cultural background...
    But sincerely thanks ever so much for this...
    PS- I recently bought a whole package of YOUR BABY CAN READ..in english..its a pack of cards, pictures and dvd and loads of other things....which is a very good resource to teach english...maybe a counter thing in hindi would be amazing..

  • At 17 February, 2010 06:37, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks a lot Akhileshji, in short I would say tussi gr8 ho.
    You are doing real community service.
    Log bhagwan ke mandir ja kar dan kar te hai aur aap gree vidhya dan kar rahe hai, koi puja se kam nahi hai....

    very helpful website...

  • At 10 May, 2010 16:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste Akhlshji,
    Thank you for sharing this site with all of us. I am from America but am moving to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I will be landing in Dheli next Sunday. I am focusing on literacy work for the under privileged. This web site is a wonderful resource.
    Thank you.

  • At 02 June, 2010 06:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Akhilesh:

    I visited your site and it is wonderful and useful to help kids for hindi learning.

    I have downloaded hindi poems (KHARGOSH and KACHHUA). There is some typos. please check and correct it.

    The poem was "KHARGOSH and KACHHUA" , see 7th line "aadhe raastey pahunch kar usne dekha ki KHARGOSH bahut peechche rah gaya hai"

    Mukesh Kumar

  • At 10 June, 2010 23:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you very much. This is very useful. Please please keep this up and running for ever!
    Mrs. DBR, mom of three kids in south India, which is almost as good as being an NRI when it comes to Hindi!

  • At 15 June, 2010 06:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste akhlehji,

    My name is Luis A. Oviedo and I am starting to learn Hindi and this has been a great resource. Thank you so much for all of your help and this site.

  • At 21 June, 2010 23:51, Blogger Harshad Chokhawala said…

    What do we do when we meet children ? Most of us use children as show-piece & ask them to perform to a gathering. In today's world the young parent may not have time & patience to find & read such materials. So, we can help these young parents by forwarding these sites to them. Also, when you meet children & if you sing these beautiful poetries to them, they would be happy too & enhance their knowledge & acumen for them instead buying them some video games. By this, they shall be kept away from television which is a common complaint of today's parents.

    I am more than pleased to read the poetries & stories & plan to present them to my grand nephew on his birth-day.

  • At 06 July, 2010 01:38, Blogger Unknown said…

    hi sir, sixth class mai 1 kavita thi. hava hu havu mai basanti hava hu suno baat meri badi hi nidar hu jaha chati hu vsha ghumti hu. vaha pe chadi mai vaha se giri mai... soso hai kya aap is kavita ko talash kar sakte hai. please sir,.

  • At 30 August, 2010 01:51, Anonymous Fish said…

    Wow your website is awesome! I'm a grown up who is trying to teach herself Hindi and it is VERY difficult to find resources on the internet. Thank you ssoo much.

  • At 26 September, 2010 18:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    बहुत आछे और बहुत बडिया!
    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • At 01 November, 2010 08:39, Blogger vijaycs85 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 01 November, 2010 08:40, Blogger vijaycs85 said…

    Thank you so much for your effort on this site. I'm new to Mumbai from chennai and this site is the only source for me to manage here.


  • At 28 November, 2010 00:02, Blogger suresh kumar said…

    Dear Akhleshjee:

    I wish to congratulate you for such a wonderful site you have on Hindi.

    meree shubkaamnaaeyn aapkey saath hain.

    I am Suresh, an on line Hindi tutor from Chennai. I mostly use your site for teaching purpose. I also undertake translation assignments.
    Just for readers, my mother tongue is Tamil but I was brought up in Ranchi for 30+ years. I love Hindi.

    If you wish to learn Hindi online, please contact me at:

    cell: 91 09840643690

  • At 23 December, 2010 04:16, Blogger suresh kumar said…

    Dear Readers:

    Mujhe akhleshjee ke site bahut pasand hai, jioska hamesha main upyog karta huun.

    I also want you to see my Hindi lessons in www.Ispeakhindi.com , a great site for Hindi learners.

    Agar aap mujhse Hindi seekhna chahtey hain, to kripaya sampark Karein.



  • At 05 January, 2011 22:04, Blogger Unknown said…

    Dear Akhlesh,

    You are doing a wonderful job out there, I'm from Chennai and wanted to learn Hindi When I saw your site I got soo much motivation to learn Hindi all the more. Thanks for all your efforts and highly appriciated.
    Kind Regards
    Sheela Sampath

  • At 27 January, 2011 18:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    प्रिय अखिलेश जी
    प्रणाम | कैसे हैं?

    Your site is of immense help to teach Hindi to students fro, US,Dubai,Denmark and Chennai. I use your site to teach Hindi on line.

    with warm Regards,


  • At 19 February, 2011 12:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you. A very good website.

  • At 28 February, 2011 01:05, Blogger Abraham Patrick said…

    thanks Akhlesh for the site especially the stories. I think stories written in simple language is the best way to learn a language for a child. this was my experience for me and my children in English. Since I'm from Tamilnadu my Hindi knowledge is minimal and i don't know to read and write.So the best way i can teach my kids are through stories. Thanks once again and if u can post more stories it would be good
    Abe Pat

  • At 20 April, 2011 06:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi sir
    Your doing a great job,keep it up.This site helps me and my child to learn easily since we are new to Hindi its really useful for us.
    A small request sir, if you can give the sound to all the poems and words it will be more helpful for us to pronouns it properly.


  • At 24 July, 2011 22:41, Anonymous SUSHMA said…

    Akhilesh JI

  • At 06 September, 2011 06:31, Blogger N. Goutam said…

    Your website is extreamly useful.After seeing so many websites i have landed upon ur site.The way you are explaining the grammer is very nice.This is very helpful to teach my students.Thank you.


  • At 07 September, 2011 10:28, Blogger deepti said…

    Hi Akhilesh,
    You have a great compilation of everything that I want to teach my 2 yr old son. I am sooo thankful that you ahve the downloadable material, was totally frustrated with the lack of availability of good reading hindi material for kids. Keep it coming

  • At 08 September, 2011 07:35, Blogger Meenakshi said…

    Namestay Akhleshji,

    You have done the best of best Community work by building this site. For parents like us in USA it is very helpful to impart knowledge of Hindi and your efforts are the most valuable source.

    Best Regrads,
    Meenakshi- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  • At 10 September, 2011 09:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 10 September, 2011 09:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sir ji Namaskar...

    Sir it was really very nice gift for Parents, Children as well as youth like us..u know sir u just remind me my Childhood..the way we were learned all of them jus apeeared in a sec..thanx for returning me such a sweet memories of my childhood..Jo chij main shayad bhul bhi gaya tha ..wo aaj fir mere labon pe gunj rahi hai..really a cardial thanx to u and ur work...

    Madan, Mele chal..
    Der mat kar..

    My Fav story..:)
    jise main bilkul hi bhul gaya tha and nw m going to commemorate this one.....

  • At 12 September, 2011 09:01, Blogger ranjeeta said…

    It was such a pleasure to chance upon your website today.
    ITS VERY HELPFUL FOR US I am also a hindi teacher bt dont had so many knowledge thanks a lot my email id is bobbyprasad59@yahoo.com thanks

  • At 12 September, 2011 09:03, Blogger ranjeeta said…

    It was a great pleasure to visit your wonderful site.I will be recommending to my friends.
    Could you please guide me to the icse syllabus for Hindi in grade 1 and 3.

  • At 13 September, 2011 06:04, Blogger Mridula Bansal said…

    Namaskar Akhlesh ji.
    Your site is vey good and extremely useful in promoting Hindi outside India. I live in Chicago and have have been teaching Hindi for 20 years. Everything that you have done on your website, I was writing down by hand. This will make it real easy for people to learn Hindi.

    I do have a suggestion - please change the spelling of 'Seb' (Apple) to 'Sabe' so that it can be pronounced more accurately.

  • At 16 September, 2011 07:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Mr.Akhlesh

    Your are doing a awesome job. This site is wonderful site. Your helping so many parents like me with all the information to teach the language. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Great work Sir!

  • At 25 September, 2011 20:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear AkhileshJi
    Today i was searching for Some Hindi Stuff and i saw your website i find everything here which i need for my Daughter. And Very happy to see your work.
    And i read about you that is impressive while doing your job you are proving us such a good Material which i was not able to find.
    Thanks Alot.

  • At 10 October, 2011 03:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    its very useful

  • At 08 December, 2011 23:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very helpful site. Can you please add some more worsheets on matras?

  • At 30 December, 2011 04:14, Blogger khushi said…


  • At 16 January, 2012 02:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    This site is really usefull for me to teach my daughter hindi.

    Could u please upload more short stories for beginners.


  • At 16 January, 2012 08:57, Blogger Nandita said…

    It is really well organised website,easy to refer and to teach kids staying abroad at home. Thanks for putting all the effort in making such a good constructive site.

  • At 19 January, 2012 09:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your website was very useful ! Thanks a lot ! Keep it up !

  • At 22 January, 2012 16:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very nice n useful site to learn ...interesting n easy for kids.thanks a lot.

  • At 23 February, 2012 00:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the great work .it is very nice.

  • At 29 February, 2012 09:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Akhleshji
    Urs is a great effort for our mother toungue

    Keep it up
    Ashu Shukla
    Sr Commandant CRPF KHARAGPUR WB

  • At 19 March, 2012 01:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for this wonderful resource. It is a boon to non-hindi speaking parents like me.

    I had been searching for simple yet complete resource to teach my kids.

    Thanks again.

  • At 05 April, 2012 03:22, Blogger shashi said…

    bhahut bahut badhai hai aapako hindi bhasa ko jinda rakhane me aapke sahyog ke liye

    shikayat ( meri agyanta ho)
    Bha se Bhaloo ki jagah bhata
    Tha se Thali ki jagah Than yo tharmas
    hona chahiye

  • At 14 April, 2012 06:28, Blogger Unknown said…

    Dear Mr.Akhlesh

    Namasthe. I was a great pleasure spotting your website . Thanks to Google.

    My little daughter has just started learning Hindi , and we dis a numerous search on the website for a useful learning site. Your website has really made my day.

    Very well designed and very informative , and my daughter loves to learn thru your website and she is always on your website most of the time.

    I very much appreciate all your efforts and look forward your continuous contribution.

    Good Luck.

    God Bless u and your family.


  • At 14 April, 2012 19:41, Blogger royal said…

    My self rahul Kumar. I saw this website. It such a mile stone who learn Hindi with animation. I save such items from your website and i will show it to my poor student through projector. It is effeminately nice matter to learn Hindi by your web site. thanks for making this website.
    good morning.
    god bless you.

  • At 26 April, 2012 07:57, Anonymous ken said…

    Mr. Agarwal,

    Very good site.

    Why not add Gujarati Script converter (interface) to the site.


  • At 22 July, 2012 04:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Uncle,

    I am Abhishek, student of 4h standard, in Faridabad.

    I am learning Hindi from your website. Thank you very much for the hard work in building your website.

    Abhishek Choudhuri

  • At 23 July, 2012 22:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 24 July, 2012 08:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Akhlesh,

    Many thanks for taking the effort to create this website. My daughter is in pre-school and i was searching for something exactly like this to train her in Hindi. Its been some time since i myself read the matras and i must say it was a good refresher for me as well. Keep up the good work!

    Warm Regards,

    Devendra Oberoi

  • At 29 July, 2012 07:39, Blogger Unknown said…

    Dear Akhilesh Sir,

    it is the best website i have seen to teach the young children about our mother tounge HINDI, you have covered almost each & every thing. I appreciate your work. you have done tremendous job.

    All the best & keep postng new things...

  • At 17 August, 2012 00:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and was having a long pending desire to be able to read and write Hindi. While surfing for the same, I reached your site and learned a lot. Speaking Hindi or understanding was already not an issue (thanx to movies) but now i can read Hindi literature and write as well. You have done a great job. Thank you very much.


  • At 26 September, 2012 04:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Akhlesh:
    I am from London and my mother tongue is not Hindi. Wanted to learn to read and write Hindi and I think this is perfect for me.
    I can speak basic hindi but reading and writing was difficult but I think this will help a lot. Thanks you are a star.

  • At 25 October, 2012 02:34, Blogger healthiswealth said…

    Hello Sir,

    I am a parent of 6 year old boy and trying to teach Hindi to him. I sincerely appreciate the efforts you have taken to make this website. It is a great source of information to the kids. I wish all success to you sir.
    Thank you.


  • At 31 October, 2012 10:09, Blogger Anjali said…

    I was so glad to see about great Indians, I think If we can tell more about he biographies of our Indian people then our childeren who are constantly reading the biographies of Americans here will also come to know the land of Heritage , Our India.
    I love my India.

  • At 17 November, 2012 19:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Akhilesh,

    Thanks for your site. It is really very good and clear. Lot of people are asking about the basic site, and this is the best I saw so far.


  • At 24 November, 2012 06:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 25 November, 2012 08:10, Blogger Vijay said…

    Thanks for putting this stuff. I have a 9 year old child and I am learning to teach him. Your website is useful and I request you to add few words with 3 to 4 char so that we can practice.

  • At 10 January, 2013 02:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 10 January, 2013 14:18, Anonymous Babita said…

    Dear Akhleshji,

    A lot of people think but very few act. You have done a great job! :)

    I was looking for Hindi material for my son and your site has everything I needed.
    Many thanks for such wonderful work. You are a star!


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    I really appreciate your work!


  • At 19 October, 2013 04:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste Akhlesh ji.
    I am English and learning Hindi for fun. I really love your site, there are many sites with stories for learners, but they are always too long for someone just learning the alphabet! The little nursery rhymes here are just the right length that I can read and understand then.

  • At 19 November, 2013 02:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Namaste Sir......
    I m pleased to see your well organised web site. It is a great tool for children to learn Hindi easily.Thanks for maintaining such a web site for our National Language.

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    You have done an amazing job and i am grateful that your great deeds have helped my son a lot.

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    Think,In internet age,Why all Indian languages are taught to others in Roman script but not in a complex Devanagari script?
    Which script will unite sister languages(Urdu/Hindi)?
    Why some Devanagari scripted languages are slowly disappearing under the influence of Hindi/Urdu?

    If Hindi can be learned in a complex Urdu script then why it can't be done in easy regional Gujanagari script?

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  • At 24 July, 2016 23:42, Blogger Unknown said…

    I Ms.Bandana, Unit Academic Head of HPS- A unit of the Hyderabad Public School, Private Limited, viewed your site. Its Outstanding. More helpful for the beginners . kindly send more post.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ms. Bandana Pradhan

  • At 03 October, 2016 06:00, Blogger Unknown said…

    Hey good morning Mr. Akhlesh. I'm a 26 year old man from Suriname(South America). My ancestors are from India. It was my dream that I understand written Hindi as well as oral. I've been watching Hindi movies since I was a kid. I understand when someone speaks Hindi with me but written text is like alien language for me. The reason why I've want to learn Hindi is the religious contents that are impossible for me to read. Like Chalisa's, bhajan lyrics. I'm very happy that I finally for a site for beginners. Lots of love and God may bless you.

    Kind regards, Matabadal Rishi

  • At 04 December, 2016 13:54, Anonymous Anil Kumar Singh said…

    धन्यवाद अखिलेश
    Nice collection.

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  • At 24 August, 2017 02:08, Anonymous Devdaas said…

    Hi Akhilesh. You have a great website. Thanks for providing it for everyone to use. I wanted to suggest a correction. The Hindi letter फ is pronounced pha. You listed it as fa by mistake. Therefore, फल is phal "fruit" and not fal. The letter फ़ is fa. It has a bindi underneath the फ. Similarly, ज़ is za. It has a bindi underneath the ज. I think this will be helpful information for people learning.

    Thanks again!

  • At 14 September, 2017 20:04, Blogger ganesh giri goswami said…

    Hi Akhilesh ji great effort ...

  • At 04 November, 2017 20:20, Anonymous Sunita said…

    I really liked the way you have put everything together, which is easily accessible for everyone who is looking forward to teach their children basic hindi language. I did lot of search before and finally got to see your website. Thank you so much.

  • At 06 March, 2018 05:13, Blogger Sree said…

    Hello Akhlesh. Since 2005 from US, i have started using your website to teach my elder daughter hindi. Never realised i should jave thanked you long ago to see my daughter soo well proficient in hindi now. You farmed it soo well for parents to teach hindi. Amazing efforts and perfect steps to learn. Sincerely thank you. Anyone who starts hindi i always refer your website. Thank you again.

  • At 02 March, 2019 10:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for putting it up, life is easy to teach Hindi in USA now to my son.
    The data is helpful and easy too.
    kindly add more religious mantras for kids easy ones
    religious stories addition too will be great
    Adding important festivals to learn more for kids will help them to know more about our culture.Please consider it as request and update if possible.


  • At 16 July, 2019 13:14, Blogger Lav said…

    I can't thank you enough. This site is really very helpful to teach Hindi to my daughter in USA. Some things you can consider adding would be simple day to day conversations, some simple write-ups,essays etc.

    Thanks a lot.


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